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Email Append - Grow Your Customer Email Lists and Assets

Email append is rapidly becoming the one append service clients are performing one to two times a year. The value of the email address in a permission based environment has proven too valuable to ignore. The costs to acquire these customers drives the value proposition for performing an append.

Currently our service matches between 15% on the low end and up to 30% on the high end of records provided. The average has been in the low 20% range. The costs to perform an email append is $250 per thousand matched records. Costs include a set-up, processing and handling fee of $300.  There is a minimum charge of $1,500. Turn around time is usually within 7 - 10 days.

Example: Provide Siewierski Consulting 50,000 records and we should be able to match close to 10,000 records. This would cost $2,800 for 10,000 emails of your customers that were not previously available. For many of our clients this service provides one of the best ROI for improving customer retention and growing wallet share of existing customers.

For more information on assistance in organizing your customer data, performing hygiene, de-dupe and append services contact:


John Siewierski


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